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Mooney Legislative Report

August 8, 2016

Last week, ND Democrats put forth a proposal to address the states’ budget shortfalls while while minimizing additional cuts to people in need.  After all, state supported agencies that care for our most vulnerable created their budgets based on what was promised in the 2015 legislative session.  Leadership in the majority party criticized the Dems for not jumping on board with every element of their proposal. Continue reading “Mooney Legislative Report”

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North Dakota Share the Road 2016

IMG_3103On June 21st Governor Dalrymple proclaimed the third week of June as the 2016 North Dakota Share the Road Safety Week. The idea is that once a year the dedication of these days will spur discussion of roadway safety between the state’s highest officials, members of N.D. Department of Transportation (NDDOT), local authorities, and the public at-large. An opportunity to bring public and private sector together for the common goal of safety and saving lives.

Continue reading “North Dakota Share the Road 2016”

Legislative Reports & Updates, Reports & Updates from Gail

Mooney Legislative Report – January, Part 2

Mooney Legislative Report • January, Part 2

Word soup:  Trauma, mental health, behavioral health, substance abuse disorder, prevention, early intervention, school-to-prison pipeline, de-stigmatize, complex issues, continuum, availability, accessibility.  Just a few of the descriptors frequently used in the discussion of Behavioral Health related to adolescents.

January may have been some of the most intense Human Services Committee work yet, as we focused almost exclusively on the behavioral health challenges of our North Dakota youth.  Over a two-day period we heard testimony from the state departments, schools, advocacy groups, and parents.   Continue reading “Mooney Legislative Report – January, Part 2”

Legislative Reports & Updates, Reports & Updates from Gail

Mooney-Legislative Report

Legislative Report

Representative Gail Mooney

The Human Services and Health Services Committees have had opportunities to meet a

Meetings – measured in inches!  This stack of paper is from just two committee meetings in November and January for Human and Health Services. 

couple times now since last November.  Each committee deals with slightly different facets of issues that overlap, so as a concerted effort, the committee chairs have elected to run these meetings back-to-back as a means to maintain some continuity in discussions and testimonies.

Because of the exorbitant amount of information we receive, breaking the reports out by topic, rather than committee, seems to make the most sense.   Here are some highlights….

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Come one…. Come all!

It’s that time!  The District 20 Convention is right around the corner.  We would love to see you there…  bring family and friends, share questions and concerns – and share a little “Dem” fellowship!

District Convention

Legislative Reports & Updates, Reports & Updates from Gail

Gail Mooney to Seek Re-Election to the North Dakota House of Representatives

Representative Gail Mooney (D) announces plans to seek re-election to the North Dakota House of Representatives for District 20. First elected in 2012, Gail has served two sessions with the N.D. House, and says she is “looking forward to the opportunity of another term.”

In her first four year term, Mooney sat on the Human Services and Government Affairs committees. Her legislative work focused on issues of human rights, women’s equality, combatting sex trafficking, enhancing services for brain injury individuals and their families, strengthened ethics and transparency in state government, and ardent advocacy for equal funding for rural North Dakota.

The North Dakota Council of Educational Leaders and the North Dakota Women’s Network have recognized her legislative work.

In the legislative interim Mooney has been appointed to the Human Services, Health Services, Political Subdivision Taxation, and Administrative Rules committees. She also serves as a member of the Brain Injury Advisory Group, and has been honored with a recent appointment to the North Dakota Supreme Court’s Services Committee.

In addition to the legislature, Mooney has served on the Traill County Commission, Traill County Health Assessment Group, Traill County Economic Development, and the Hillsboro Business Association. She is a past member of the North Dakota Women’s Network and currently serves as state director for the National Foundation for Women Legislators. Entering its 21st year, Gail continues to cultivate MoonShot Photography as owner and photographer while continuing her legislative duties.

She lives in Cummings, ND with her husband Walter. They have two children they affectionately refer to as “conflicted” as one is a graduate of NDSU and the other is about to start at UND.

In the release Mooney stated she “is eager to continue the legislative work begun on behalf of District 20. The ability to build cross-boundary relationships, arrive at common ground solutions, and develop policy strategies based on people, not politics, is steeped in tradition in District 20, and is central to my legislative approach”.

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Final Days

The final days of a legislative session… Uffda. It’s hard to express what those days are like as heavy-hitting policy meets the chopping block of Appropriations and political leaders volley for their respective positions. It feels very much like a 3-D version of chess, where things are in play on a variety of levels in a variety of ways. Where you know you will loose your pawns as you strategize to save the king. One of my favorite senators refers to it as “sausage making” – which is not a bad analogy.

There were several bills I was dogging in the last days. Two were related to traumatic brain injury and were bills I’d worked nearly a year on with members of the other political leanings. They are proof that truly bi-partisan policy can be developed when the common good of the people is the priority. Both bills, HB 1256 and HB 1046, ultimately had a full cadre of Continue reading “Final Days”

Legislative Reports & Updates, Reports & Updates from Gail

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The good, the bad, and the ugly. This seems to sum up many days’ activities in the Capitol right now. We’ll do a little good, counter that with some bad, and then round it off with a little ugly. Case in point was yesterday. We started and ended with the ugly – with two bills relating to rail safety in the state.

SB 2008 originally provided funding for the Public Service Commission to establish a rail safety program that included two rail inspectors at a cost of roughly $950,000 for the next biennium. Given the nature of our current rail volume and the contents of the shipments, this would make great Continue reading “The Good, The Bad, The Ugly”