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Rep. Rick Holman – March Madness and Week 11

Rep. Rick Holman, Legislative Report.

Week 11, March 18, 2015

March Madness: Legislators, Basketball, Human Services and Oil.

A lot of legislators are connected to small towns. Having the Class B basketball tournament in Bismarck while the Legislature is in session creates a little more excitement and some discussions about who’s got the better team. When I was at May-Port in the 70’s, I even coached a little at the junior high level. Last week, after a close game with Cavalier, May-Port CG earned a place in the state tournament. Minority leader Kenton Onstad is from Parshall. In committee, I sit next to John Nelson, from Rugby. Maggie Anderson, Direcctor of ND Dept. of Human Services is from New England. Dennis Johnson is fromFour Winds-Minnewaukan. The assistant coach of MPCG, Alex Berry has family connections in Lamoure(LMM). Our church, likely helps fund some things at Oak Grove. Looking around, I find many more connections to the teams in the tournament. Those connections and rivalry are part of what makes Class B so exciting. Thursday and Friday’s games were close and fun to watch, but Oak Grove and Parshall managed to have a few more points at the end and won but MPCG played well, is coached well and can look to a bright future. Friday afternoon when I had to deal with MPCG playing Kenton’s team, Parshall…..It cost me a couple bucks…….Wait ‘till next year.  Finally the Patriots beat the New England Tigers 51-47 in the third game. Our Great-nephew, 8th grader Reese Hanson got to play and scored some points…… Wait ‘till next year.

Business this week: Monday, we worked on the detail for Medical Services, Autism and Long Term Care. Tuesday and Thursday brought a host of clients and providers to explain their needs in the Human Services budget. Being able to hear from the mother of two beautiful seven year old girls as they stood beside her was evidence of how far we’ve come with medicine. The girls were conjoined twins at birth; another medical miracle. It’s important that we hear from the people who benefit from and those who deliver the services that take care of people in need. We never seem to be able to fill all the gaps, but I think we do better than a lot of states taking care of our neighbors who are not as fortunate as we are.

Wednesday, I was able to be part of the Memorial Service where we honored twenty-two former Representatives who passed during the last two years, including Governor Bill Guy, D-20 Representative Malcolm Tweten and John Wahl who served in the last session. Over one-hundred family members attended the service to honor those departed who served in the ND House of Representatives. During the reception I was fortunate to be able to visit with the Tweten family.

Thursday, several Traill County residents were here with a Farm Bureau sponsored day trip. I was able to visit with several of them atnoon. Later, I was able to connect with many others at the basketball game.

Now I’m back home for a couple of days to kick back and relax, and, of course, watch some more basketball.  Go Patriots and Go Bison…………


Rep. Rick Holman, ND District 20, rholman@nd.gov. or phone/text 701.238.1124.



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