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Legislative Report – Week Eight

Week 8 Legislative Report, 64th session, Senator Murphy

Lost a big one just now on the floor – the Universal Pre-K bill. But I knew it was coming because we passed another (much more limited in its ability to serve our 4 year olds) just before it that I also supported. That is the way it goes out here and if you cannot handle defeats with the victories then you might as well pack it in. Everybody loses things they care about here, so we struggle to succeed by educating our colleagues as best we can. I just spoke with a fellow Republican Senator who also lost one very near and dear to his heart this morning. He was still too hot to approach, but I found that out the hard way. It especially wounded him because that same bill passed yesterday but was so close that it was brought back to the floor today for another shot and it got hammered.

Only people who are curious about their government are reading this column, so I will tell you that the dynamics of voting on the floor are somewhat daunting. For instance, I worked for a year at the highest levels of government to bring a bill that was supported by the leadership of the majority party along with the Governor and many agencies of the Executive branch. I had high hopes, but it went down. Within two seconds, I had seen months of work defeated but then had to stand with good humor and deliver a carry about the Board of Cosmetology when the President of the Senate (the Lt. Governor) essentially said “NEXT!” That is his job and our job. Do you see what I am saying here? This year we had to vote on 378 Senate bills and when we get back next week we will hear and vote on whichever of 474 come over from the House side. There is no time for pouting.


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