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Legislative Report • Week 2 • January 19, 2013

I’ve been asked by several people over the past week…    “So, what do you think of the new job?”.   Three words – I LOVE it!

Now, to be sure, I love being home, too – and getting home this weekend after two weeks away feels great.  By nature I’m a home body.  I could stay home for weeks and it wouldn’t bother me a bit.  I love my family and am fortunate to have a husband that supports me in all of my projects and adventures, and I have two great kids that are thoroughly enjoyable to spend time with.  But, I love this new job!  Combined with the work on the Commission, being a legislator will be full and challenging – and undoubtedly diverse in topics and issues.  Right up my ally. 

I find a pattern beginning to evolve…

6 am – up and at ’em!  A cup of coffee (MUST have coffee!) while reading current news on the iPad, checking and returning emails via the laptop.  Off to the shower with the previous evenings news playing on the iPad.

7:30 – 8 am – Hit the Capitol running.  Review bills about for 9 am committee.  Confer with committee members or find additional information in preparation of upcoming testimonies.

9 am to noon – Committee meetings on a variety of bills with people of all walks of life ready to give their testimony for or against an issue.

Noon to 1 – Grab a quick bite while checking emails, cross-reference and begin homework on any committee issue or topic that will require more extensive research and review the bills that will be presented to the House floor.  Double check and review any bills I may be carrying to the floor.  Gotta be prepared!

1 pm – House session begins.  Very formal and fast moving, the earlier prep work helps in staying on top of the flow of bills that are presented.  With live feed via the web site, I keep my phone, email and text available and at hand for anyone that might be forwarding real time messages.

2-4 pm – Committee work for moving forward recommendations of Do-Pass or Do-Not Pass – or sub committee work to revamp bills.

5 -7 pm may find a variety of activities that could include caucus, press conferences, socials or additional research.  Thanks goodness for great caucus staff to help us keep it all straight!  Between Cynthia Kaldor and her assistant, Elise, a steady stream of communications is coming through to keep us moving in the right direction.

8 – 11pm – Back at the room.  Checking emails, taking care of correspondences, reorganizing files from the day, study and research on hot committee items from that day, review and prepare for committee bills the following day, review house bills for the next day – pull it all together, pack and file my porta-filing cabinet (aka – messenger bag).

11 pm – Crash and burn!  Recycle to begin again.

Full days.  Full nights.  But, it’s great fun to step up to the challenge and engage in the process.  To speak on behalf of so many of us that might not otherwise have a voice.  To work towards a common goal:  What’s best for our North Dakota families.

Great fun.  But, then, my husband has told me I have a strange sense of fun!  Like to spend a day at the Capitol in the midst of it all??  Give us a call or email – we’d love to include you!


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