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Traill County Blue Christmas

IMG_01This evening we had the honor of attending the Blue Christmas Veterans Remembrance Service hosted by the Traill County Veterans Officer, Les Ashe; District Health Director, Brenda Stallman; and members of VFW and American Legion.

The service is meant to honor and remember those veterans that have passed away in the past year.  As each person’s name is called out, a family member or VFW/American Legion Member would place a Christmas ball on the blue tree in tribute to their memory.  It was a simple, yet powerful program and was well received by all in attendance.  Senator Murphy gave opening remarks – and goodies and fellowship followed in the community room.  

It was a wonderful way to pay tribute and share.  Kudos to all for bringing this very meaningful tradition to life.


Those remembered this year…

Mickel O. Aamond, 10/22/12
Orlo R. Aasen, 2/2/12
Elroy M. Amundson, 8/1/12
Paul M. Babler, 4/1/12
Blaine R. Basol, 8/7/12
Harold E. Berndt, 2/25/12
Thomas “Bumper” L. Brustad, 8/11/12
Burton G. Bundy, 12/25/11
Robert G. Cameron, Jr., 8/25/12
Wendall “Wendy” Capouch, 1/16/12
Gerald “Bud” W. Carson, 10/5/12
Rodney A. Cooper, 6/8/12
Elmer O. Doeden, 10/30/12
Daniel J. Downs, 9/5/12
Lowell B. Fugleberg, 9/6/12
Goodwin M. Glomsrud, 11/14/12
Curt H. Greenwood, 10/30/12
Robert E. Gummer, 12/31/12
John G. Hovet, 5/15/12
David Ihry, 2/8/12
Lloyd M. Johnson, 2/25/12
Dennis C. Knudson, 1/11/12
Alexander C. Knutson, 9/8/12
Walter “Walt” Kozojed, 5/24/12
Lynn T. Kritzberger, 2/24/12
Gerald “Jerry” E. Kville, 8/20/12
Harvey D. Kyllo, 2/18/12
James A. Letness, 4/18/12
Douglas R. Ludwig, 4/15/12
David M. Lusso, 1/4/12
Norman R. “Bud” Moen, 1/29/12
Daniel J. Noyes, 5/18/12
Lyle O. Offerdahl, 10/9/12
Roy A. Oelrich, 4/19/12
Gerald Palmer, 11/29/12
Riley J. Pilipanko, 11/30/12
Robert D. Pittenger, 4/21/12
Kathryn A. Rogenes, 8/7/12
Lowell Rygg, 2/28/12
Marvin L. Siegert, 4/10/12
John “Johnny” Splettstaszer, 9/19/12
Lester M. Thorstad, 7/12
Myron D. Ulland, 8/13/12


1 thought on “Traill County Blue Christmas”

  1. Thank you All, Sen Murphy, Rep Mooney and Rep Holman for participating and attending this most meaningful tribute to our deceased Veterans. Having the support of our elected leaders is a testament to your support of our Veterans. On behalf of all of our Traill County Veterans, we Thank You! A program like this cannot be done with the coordinated help from many people; Marlene Eblen and Becky Ham for the decorating and treats in the Community Room, the many snack contributors, Leann Beck for the pictures & the individual ornament pictures for the families, and Jenny and Lori of the custodial staff for helping with the set-up. Thank s also to Becca Braaten for helping with Greeting the family and friends & assisting the Veteran Organization members in the process. A special thank you should also be given to my co-emcee Brenda Stallman for the ornament design and creation.. A big thank you also goes out to the VFW and American Legion Posts from Hillsboro and Mayville for assisting in the Blue Christmas Veterans Remembrance Service.

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