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GOTV Rally – Grand Forks

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Last Tuesday was the Get Out the Vote Rally in Grand Forks – Phil and Gail were able to participate.  Held at the Canad Inn, a full gamut of statewide candidates – along with a good number of local house and senate candidates – were on hand to meet, greet and visit with the crowd.  Fun and energized, everyone had a great time!

District 42 Representative Corey Mock was our esteemed MC.  Corey is a great host for any event – but a rally like this is right up his ally!  This is a guy who is passionate about his job and encouraging people to “Get Out and Vote!”  With humor and intellect that is just spot-on, he has a special way of engaging a crowd – and did a fantastic job on this evening. 

The round up of state candidates started out with Ross Mushik, running for State Treasurer.  Ross comes with a great understanding of what it means to be a treasurer – and in this time of great wealth, it’s so important to have people able to hit the ground running with North Dakota finances.  No different than our own personal financial future, prosperity doesn’t happen or sustain without deliberate planning.

District 11 Representative Scot Kelsh of Fargo was next up.  As candidate for State Auditor, Scot would bring great knowledge and understanding to this office.  A man that has committed his life to public service, Scott sincerely knows how to walk the walk – and sometimes sing it!  On this night, he opened with a little tune to the Grand Forks crowd reminding them all of the lighter side!

Tom Potter – candidate for Insurance Commission was our next speaker.  A big man, with a big mind and heart! – Tom is passionate for the role of insurance commission in North Dakota and has developed a plan to move ND forward with its respective insurance needs.  At a time when one of the hottest items of our time is insurance – this office will need an open mind with good, solid direction.

Among the “low-key” offices we elect is the Public Service Commission.  Once barely thought of, let alone heard of, this has changed significantly in the past couple years thanks to the dedicated efforts of Brad Crabtree.  It doesn’t take long listening to him to realize that Brad would bring great foresight and knowledge to the commission as well as a great sense of ethics and non-partisan logic.

With Pam Gulleson’s introduction, the crowd is all-in!  Hard working, intelligent and completely invested in what drives North Dakota, this gal has spunk!  She’s spent the greater part of her life involved with both family farming and politics – and learned from the best of them!  No less than Byron Dorgan, Kent Conrad and Earl Pomeroy.  She’s got a resume that reads like a  proverbial pedigree for the position of Congress.  To say that she would work hard and bi-partisanly is quite literally an understatement.

Next up on the roster is Gubernatorial Candidate Ryan Taylor.  Like so many of our candidates, Ryan comes with a solid understanding of who we are as North Dakotans – and what it takes to get the job done – with a solid background and experience in business, farming & ranching and as Representative for District 7.  He comes from a family of story tellers and not surprisingly – is a story teller himself.  Within moments of taking the stage, he has everyone eating out of his hands.  But, he takes the job of public service very seriously and shares, with both sincerity and hope – his vision for North Dakota.  A great leader for North Dakota.

Of course – last, but never least – is Heidi.  Like Madonna, no last name is necessary!  Little to no introduction is necessary and when she takes the stage, the crowd is crazy for her.  It’s so contagious!  Heidi is simply a fierce woman – and the intensity of her dedication is quickly apparent.  She’s amazing, brilliant – and is destined to be our next State Senator.  She’s a democrat, but like most North Dakotans, is independent in her ideas and politics.  She’ll work for what is best for us based on her own knowledge – not what is handed to her.  It only takes a moment to see her resolve in this!

The Dem Team is solid – and has been working diligently to get their message out – one handshake at a time, one person at a time.  Now, lets get them elected!

Go Team ND!


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