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General Election Ballot Measures • Nov. 6, 2012

Click here to visit ND.gov for more information on the general election ballot

FYI, Rick’s take on the ballot measures. Read them, ask questions and be an informed voter.
You can get more information at the ND Sec. of State Web site.

The November 6th North Dakota Ballot has five measures, three constitutional and two statutory.

Measure One will eliminate the unnecessary language in the Consitution that refers to a poll tax, which is already been ruled unconstitutional at the Federal level. This measure, if passed, puts the ND Constitution in line with current law and practice.

Measure Two will add the requirement that all members of the executive branch take the oath of office as is required of the legislative and judicial branches. In reality, they already take the oath, but this measure, if passed, puts the ND Constution in line with current practice. 

Measure Three sounds good at first read but some believe that the wording goes too far. The state already has a right-to-farm policy in statute. This measure, if passed, could put the state consistution in conflict with locally developed best fit solutions to local problems.

Measure Four expands the smoking ban several places that do not have a ban such as bars, gaming facilities, adult day care facilities, nursing home rooms, public transportation, enclosed areas in public places, and outdoors near an exit. This measure, if passed, creates uniform statewide application of anti-smoking policies.

Measure Five raises the level of punishment for animal cruelty to that of a Class C Felony (up to five years in prison and a five thousand dollar fine).
It specifically lists as illegal acts of cruelty to maliciously and intentionally harm a dog, cat or horse by the following methods: burn, poison, crush, suffocate, impale, drown, blind, skin, beat to death, drag to death, exsanguinate, disembowel, or dismember. It does not mention the two most common methods of abuse which are abandonment and neglect. This measure, if passed, could impede ongoing efforts underway by a coalition of ag groups, animal shelters and veterinarians to create new comprehensive legislation that protects all animals not just the three named.

To learn more on the ballot, visit https://vip.sos.nd.gov/BallotMeasurePortal.aspx


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