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Meet the Candidates

With sunshine and mild temps forecasted, we’re very excited with the upcoming Meet and Greet/Pig Roast scheduled for this Sunday. Senator Phil Murphy and Jon Ewen have pit roasted pig on the menu and Lute Simley will provide musical entertainment.  With sunshine, food and music, a great setting to visit with your local representatives and candidates of Sen. Phil Murphy, Rep. Rick Holman and Candidate Gail Mooney.

Ryan Taylor
Ryan Taylor

In addition, we have a full slate of state-wide candidates expected to attend – including Senator Ryan Taylor, who is running for Governor.  This will be Ryan’s first opportunity to spend some good, quality time with District 20 – and we couldn’t be happier to have him join us.  If you haven’t had the chance to meet him yet, we’re hoping this will be the time – you won’t regret it!  This is a man with a vision and a plan for North Dakota – and has a proven record of working across aisles to accomplish North Dakota goals.

Pam Gulleson

Pam Gulleson, candidate for Congress, will also be there.  Pam joined us for the Barn Rally in August – and is simply an amazing woman.  She has many years experience in the legislature and in working with Senator Dorgan’s office.  Like Senator Taylor, she has a vision that is clear and defined for North Dakota – and is not afraid to speak up to fight for what is best for North Dakota.  She will be a positive and formidable force to be reckoned with in Washington!

Brad Crabtree

Brad Crabtree is back with us, too!  At a July BBQ and Meet & Greet held in July in his honor in Hillsboro,  Brad was able to get his message out on the importance of the Public Service Commission – and why balance needs to be brought back to this regulatory office.  Interesting, intelligent and thoroughly knowledgeable in the role of the PSC, Brad makes this subject real and relevant in very short order.

Ross Mushik

Ross Mushik, candidate for State Treasurer, also joined us for the August Barn Rally, and was able to quickly illustrate why it is so important to have credibility and intelligent direction in this lead financial office for our state.

Tracy Potter

Tracy Potter, candidate for Superintendent for Public Instruction, will be making his first official campaign stop in District 20 this Sunday.  No disputing the importance of education for the future of North Dakota – we look forward to hearing more on his approach with this office given that opportunity.

Other candidates invited are Heidi Heitkamp, US Senate Candidate; Scot Kelsch, State Auditor Candidate; and Tom Potter, Candidate for State Insurance Commission.

You won’t want to miss this time to get to know both your local and state representatives and candidates better!  Come one, come all!


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