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A District 20 Meet and Greet with Brad Crabtree

This Wednesday we have a great evening planned in Hillsboro’s Woodland Park.  Brad Crabtree, State Public Service Commission candidate will be joining us.  He’s bringing some of his Echo Lake Ranch beef for some wonderful pulled beef BBQs…  sounds simply delicious!

We’ve been working on a series of Meet and Greet events that we could setup here in the district and were really excited by the opportunity to include Brad in at least one of these.  The office he is running for is one of those that sits on the back burner and really doesn’t attract a lot of attention – although this is changing this year due to some highly publicized scrutiny regarding contributions being made to seated commissioners.  Brad has long been an advocate for putting an end to campaigns being (at least partially) funded by the very interest groups and corporations that are regulating them – a conflict of interest that is difficult to reconcile.  Listening to Brad, you quickly get a sense of the importance of the PSC in North Dakota – and with the explosion we’re currently experiencing with oil production, it becomes easy to see the necessity for checks and balances in this office.  We look forward to the opportunity to introduce you to him.

And what better way get to know your District 20 Candidates and current Legislators.  The perfect setting to listen, learn and share.  We’re looking forward to seeing and hearing from you.

So – come join us!  Meet, greet and enjoy an evening of one-on-one with your district and state candidates.



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