Miscellaneous Articles

Measure 2 Presentation

This past Wednesday, the D20 team was invited in by the MayPort CG School PTA to give a presentation on Measure 2 – it’s purpose, cause and affects – as understood by each.

Phil gave a great over-view of the dollars and cents and of how the estimated $812 million might be replaced.  His live demonstration of a 3-legged stool gone lopsided gave the clear visual of what happens when things don’t go exactly as planned in the world of government and finances.

Gail’s presentation focused on some of the anticipated local effects.  While nothing can be known until ventured into, the concerns of local governmental entities become heightened with the redistricting of legislative districts in 2011 in which the clear trend was an increase in urban representation and decrease in rural representation.

Rick’s closing presentation summarized the concerns of both local and state concerns with the passage of Measure 2 and then followed up with a reminder and over-view of three other measures which will be voted on this coming June 12.

For the complete story on the presentation, be sure to check out Traill County Tribune’s May 5 issue.  Harry Lipsea did a great job covering the event.


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