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ND District 20 Team

What’s the old saying?  There is no “i” in team?

For over 20 years, District 20 has found the team concept to be one of strength.  Not a far stretch for an area steeped in good old-fashioned common sense.  As the world and our state continues to become more complex, it only stands to reason that the ability to work together, to draw off of the experiences of others, is a sensible and practical approach to take.  It’s been a successful formula in leadership – and Phil, Rick and Gail eagerly embrace this.

The 2013 Legislative Session is underway beginning January 8.  As the days and weeks unfold, look for regular updates and reports from the team.  To reach the widest audience possible, these articles can be found through this website, via subscribed email, and through the weekly newspapers of the Hillsboro Banner, Traill County Tribune, Hatton Free Press and Cass County Reporter.

Staying in touch

Keeping up with, or contacting the team has never been easier.

There are two ways you can receive automatic news from Phil, Rick or Gail….    For emails, simply email any one of them asking to be added to the email list.  Or, subscribe to this site and have the posts sent to your email’s inbox as soon as the post is made.  Either way, unscubscribing is as simple as an email request to op-out.

Feedback and solution-based discussion is always welcome and are as easy as comments on the website, email, phone, text or mail.

If you are interested in holding a public forum in District 20 contact one of the District 20 Legislators.

If you’re in Bismarck or plan to be, let us know. We’d love to visit with you. With some advance notice and planning, you’re bound to have a memorable experience!

Calls can be made directly to the legislator or through the caucus office at (888)635-3447.

You can also write to any of us at :

House of Representatives OR North Dakota Senate
600 E. Boulevard
Bismarck, ND  58505


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