Miscellaneous Articles

Who is District 20?

All or portions of Grand Forks, Traill and Cass Counties

Thompson, Reynolds, Buxton, Cummings, Caledonia, Taft, Hillsboro, Kelso, Grandin, Hunter, Galesburg, Clifford, Blanchard, Portland, Mayville, Hatton, Arvilla, Mekinock and the western portion of the Grand Forks Air Force Base.

Mekinock, Chester, Oakville, Pleasant View, Fairfield, Allendale, Walle, Washington, Union, Michigan, Americus, Bentru, Garfield, Morgan, Buxton, Stavenger, Belmont, Viking, LIndaas, Wold, Ervin, Bingham, Roseville, Mayville, Norway, Eldorado, Caledonia, Norman, Blanchard, Bloomfield, Hillsboro, Hergerg, Galesburg, Greenfield, Bohnsack, Kelso, Elm River, Dows, Hunter, Beil, Kinyon, Noble.


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