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Senator Phil Murphy

(Updated March 2016)

Appointed to the Senate for District 20 in December 2010 and elected to first full term in November 2012

Committee Assignments:

  • Industry, Business and Labor
  • Energy and Natural Resources


Married to Shelly, three children

  • B.A., St. John’s Univ.  M.A., NDSU  Executive Education, Harvard
  • Former educator, 32 years, MayPort CG High School
  • Teaching awards at State and National levels
  • Past member; Township board (20 yrs.), Volunteer Firefighter, Golf Board, ND Geographic Alliance, etc.
  • Member ND United, Farm Bureau, Farmer’s Union, International Legislative Council, National Sportsman’s Caucus
  • Caucus Chair -Senate Democrats, Co-Chair- ND Legislative Sportsman’s Caucus
  • 2014/15 Fellow-Bush Foundation, 2016/17 Greater ND Chamber of Commerce Champion, 2015 Golden Apple Award- ND Council of Educational Leaders
  • Lifelong hunter of waterfowl, upland and big game
  • Gardener, cook, writer, editor


Phil has been a hunter of upland game and waterfowl since he can remember. Other than huntingcooking for them, being afield with family and friends is his preferred method of staying connected with people important to him.  He began hunting deer and elk in the 1980’s. Most years see him butchering a few pigs, an elk or deer, as well as canning jellies and jams. Golf and card playing are also favorite ways to enjoy good friends even while they take money from him.

Reading and writing has been a source of tremendous joy and enlightenment since grade school and he taught literature in


Phil and Shelly

Wadena for 4 years before moving back to ND.  Authoring a golf column in the Traill County Tribune as well as contributing regularly to scholarly journals kept Phil busy as a writer.  After writing for the ND Geographic Alliance Magazine, he became a regular columnist and its editor.  He also enjoys attempting to capture the flavor of each week during legislative sessions for the newspapers back in District 20.

Now in his early sixties, Phil is losing precious inches of height which are immediately


The Murphy clan

reclaimed by his waist even though he either walks or rides his bike to any achievable destination.

His wife is the most important person in his life, followed by his three children, all now in their early twenties and still in ND.

Please feel free to read his columns available on this website if you wish to understand his stance on several issues, as well as to contact him about any constituent concerns.



Senator Phil Murphy


Senator Murphy and his son Connor on the Senate floor.

1212 Parke Ave.
Portland, ND 58274

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