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Representative Gail Mooney

(Updated March 2016)

Elected to the office of District 20 House of Representatives in November 2012




Committee Assignments:

  • Human Services
  • Governmental Veterans Services

Interim Committee Assignments:

  • Human Services

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  • Health Services
  • Taxation/Political Subdivisions
  • Administrative Rules

Appointed Committees:

  • Supreme Court’s Court Services Administration

Background Highlights:

  • Married to Walter Mooney
  • Proud mom of Kate & Ryan
  • Traill County Commissioner, 2010 – 2014
  • Traill County Health Assessment Committee member, 2012
  • Board Director and past chair of Traill Co. Economic Development, 2007-2012
  • Member and past president of Hillsboro Business Assn., 2003-2010
  • Business Owner – MoonShot Photography, 1995-Present


Gail was raised in a North Dakota home full of boys in the 1960s and ’70s – a supportive environment that left an indelible imprint of civic duty and “can do” attitude.

kate and derek2

Kate & husband, Derek

In early adulthood, her life was consumed with that of raising her first child, Kate. She found her focus after she was married to Walter Mooney and returned to the Red River Valley in 1995.  The Mooneys welcomed a new family member, Ryan.  Between family and development of the  family business, Moonshot Photograhy, the Mooneys have dedicated over 20 years to life in the Cummings area.



Walt, Gail & Ryan

Gail stretched from business owner to community advocate and leader. Stemming from a desire to give back, she became involved in community organizations which lead to posts on the Traill County Economic Development Commission and later the Traill County Commission.

IMG_0291- w cthouseServing as Commissioner of Traill County from 2010-2014 was an exciting, educational, and intriguing experience for Gail. The opportunity to make a positive impact on both the county system and the people it serves fueled her passion for public service. Each new discussion and challenge became an opportunity for the discovery of meaningful solutions for real problems.



Gail with Representative Marie Strinden near the close of the 2015 Legislative Session

Elected to the ND House of Representatives in 2012, Gail quickly found her footing in the legislative process thanks, in large part, to the background in local government.  Grounded with the connection to community, rural needs, personal rights & service needs – and armed with the ability to form strong cross-boundary relationships – she is a strong voice and advocate for the people of District 20, and the state as a whole.


District 20 has a long tradition of hard-working, accessible, and bi-partisan representation. It’s this history of goal-oriented, solution-based thinking that has consistently brought respect from both sides of the aisle.

This philosophy of integrity and strong work ethic is central to that of Gail’s who is focused on good policy for the people represented.

If you have an issue, suggestion, question, or general topic to discuss, please, don’t hesitate to reach out to let Gail and the District Team know!


Representative Gail Mooney
680 166th Ave. NE
Cummings, ND 58223

701-436-5010 (phone & text)